by The Doyénne

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Gone for a minute. Queen in Plain Sight Abdicated my throne. Almost went into the light My title's on the line? This is war, let's fight Kennel off you bitches, all bark, no bite Return my vestments, my robes made of gold Return my investments, cause my beats stay bold Time, money, cunt, divine Party girl posh? Have I lost my mind? You grow in kind. Be patient, Await my command Invision me, each time you put ya' dick in your hands I produce, laptop, mic, no band The floor is my kingdom, shut the fuck up and dance And throw up my hands. Drop your pants. Wiggle what you got, jizz in your hands There's a meeting in the back, I happen to overhear A plan to off me? oh dear Slay the queen. Slay the queen. That bitch is too fierce, we must slay the queen Chop off her head, let it roll on the dance floor That bitch is too cunty and she must be destroyed Slay the queen. Slay the queen. She looks better than us? We must slay the queen Band up together and storm the palace Rip her apart with our shade, shade, shade Look. I've got feelings too. No need to be mean. No need to be rude. Come at me correct, I value my time I'm all about mine, please don't lose your life You tried to read me but the category's closed Your lines are garbage, pick 'em up and dispose Or take off your clothes. You need the attention Cause without the tricks you know they won't listen And oh yes, I dated a few guys, they hurt me But that was then, and now I keeps it coochie Or I keeps it cunty, I like it dirty that's how I get flirty when I hit the party The queen is back. I run the streets again I got a rhyme and a mic to defeat the plans Of all these mark ass tricks trying to snipe me down Let 'em try. I Resurrect, rise up from the ground I declare war You can't slay the queen
Lævateinn 02:56
Lævateinn (Lah-va-teen). Damocles. Return from Asgard. Woke from a dream Descended on the party scene Disgusted, I could never get clean I nearly lost my light and my gleam So it seems I must attack quickly Chop him, chop her, Chop her too It's not what I say, it's what I do See, this is a judgment, gavel Slam, all of these hoes who chose not to dance I want their tongues, chop off their hands There is no appeal. You wasted your chance. Gucci, Louie V, Bitch, you can not impress me And do not ask if I buy that shit Fashion labels, I have no interest Unless it say Queen, Alfred or Doyenne Then I'm not buying, I won't be your friend We can never hang out again You're petty, simply mortal in the end And don't get me started on your lack of dividends Does your money make money for you? Where are you on the food chain, baby? Top? Bottom? Versatile? Maybe Maybe.. I told you before that I declare war I can't stand no kid shit no more I'm ready to build, design my own coutoure Yes, I'm yawning, because you're bore Sigh. I don't know. Should I be gagging over your flow? Should I be bowing when you claw at my door? Should I be bash in your brains, bitch? Thor. Let's get this straight, you are so full of hate Don't know your name, you'll never be great Run away quick 'cause I'm burning your crops Deliver your men 'cause my pussy does pop Maybe? Maybe. Call me Ma'am. If you please. Call me Ma'am. Get on your knees. This is my gun This is sword This is my shield You better run This is my castle This is my house Please close your mouth Or you can get out This is my sun This is my moon Why when we fucking You cumming too soon I am a Goddess I am so cunty This is the end And you best be running
Gully 05:20
This is not a love song This is not an anthem This is not a floor burner I will never be Tina Turner This is not what the DJ spins This is not meant to win This is not a lesson you can learn This is not a position you can earn This is not head in the bathroom We are not fucking in your jeep This is not Craigslist This is not some ignorant shit This is not a blank check This is not a free ride This is not a line that repeats I refuse to repeat This is whatever you like This is your woman for the night Grind against your body 'till you rise Call me Aphrodite, Let's just get Gully, Gully This is not what you asked for This will not get you through the door This is not a deadly sin This is not the things you hide within This is not your wife You ain't bout that life This is not logical I am not Mr. Spock This is not the last thing I'll tell you This is not the first time you've heard me This is not the first time you've heard me I will not repeat Fuck, did I just repeat? I think I'm stuck on repeat Fuck, did I just repeat? Fuck it, ride the beat
(Chorus) Damn, that motherfucker got an ass like Beyonce' Damn, that motherfucker got an ass like Beyonce' Dip it, Pop it, Twerk it, Work that ass like Beyonce' Don't stop, Get it, Pop that ass like Beyonce' (Verse)My pussy's named Giselle Crazy in Love wit' myself Pop it right here on the floor I got my chuck's on, no dior And all these men, they want more Got they girls mad, I implore "Why don't you dance too, you whore? Yo' man is looking at me 'cause he bored." I told ya'll I was a Party Girl I am taking over your world Do I want a drink? One more To go with the three I had before We get stupid, We get gully Full retard, You bet not touch it Keep watching me, I get it low Bottom Boy? just for tonight (Verse) All I wanna do is twerk over you All I'm gonna do is drop it low Boy, why you playing? I see you checking on it As long as you don't touch then you can check on it I named my Pussy Giselle, That's Mrs. Carter Buy me one more drink and I'll twerk it harder I came to get free, work out this body Let my ass be the center of this party (Android Break) I run the party with my hot body
Kegels 03:32
Squeeze in, squeeze out All these hoes looking you in the mouth Hanging on your every word You're no longer the new girl Squeeze in, squeeze out Pelvic thrusts, Pilates, Yoga Stretch it, yes, he's watching you Because he's curious as to what you'll do Squeeze in, don't let go Twist your hips, find ya' flow You're the star of this show Keep 'em dancing, like a line of blow Looking good, feeling gorgeous Nod to Ru, you get the point, boo Keep it classy, pinky up Let it go, don't give a fuck The song just started, you know the drill Order your drinks, Let's keep it real These sluts are saggin', they asses loose They did not work it, without use And we refuse to go out like that Sit ups, pulls ups, insufficent Kegels, girl, that's what you need To keep that pussy tight, aggressive, mean You got it, girl, you got it, girl Pop that pussy, work it out You got it, girl, you got it, girl Thrust it, keep it nice and tight Nice and Tight! Work it Out! Oh no, we started a riot, losers Coming up on us, try to abuse us What have we done? Let's ask forgiveness Wait a minute. We the business. We up the value of this estate 'Cause when we pop this, it's not a mistake Think about us when you in the bathroom clean out your pipes, daddy please make room For the joy these bodies give you Carry with you a box of tissue We destroy bitches who raise issue Oh, you shy Sweetie, we won't miss you Fire off this booty, Ass Like Beyonce' Electro shit, the boys, they go crazy Tassels, heels, bang, bang Train, End The Game
Ho Phase 01:48
Craig gotta a list and yes I been on it If my ads up, then I need components Hard motherfuckers with suitable cajones Paint that dick down, call me Pocahontas Bitch like me ain't got time for bullshit Fuck Match and Adam, my needs are immediate I live alone, just knock on my door twice I like white boys but the ass must be nice Let me clarify, let me take a step back Let me explain why I would ever do that See, happy endings don't come in your twenties Unless you got the oil and about three twenties Massage Envy, He might slip it in me Indeed that was the first line of his entry I don't like queries just send me your stats, bro Don't play me, you best play with Hasbro Get to the point, you down or are you not? You trying to get fucked, or (gasp) are you a top? That's so rare, I'm so used to fembots come calling at my door with panties on? Girl, stop Okay, I got 'em over, guess I am hosting Would you like some water? Oh my dick size? No boasting. Whip that bitch out and slap him one to three times Right on the lip 'cause he's invading my free time No cuddling, we ain't watching TV, don't ask what's the tea, you came to see me No we ain't dating, your voice is grating, and if you pick up your cell You will hear my door slamming This is not a love song. Fuck ya' love songs I don't give a fuck if I'm right or wrong Cause I wanna give a fuck to a suitor, a prince who took his crown off and left it at the crib Ad lid on this rhyme, you got pot, that's fine Roll it up real nice and blow the smoke in my face I'm on my ho shit, I have no regrets I'll put ya' ass out. Don't care if you came yet. You want some dick then ask, nicely You want this ass then grab, tightly You want this flow but I'm cold, solid You can't use my bathroom to shower, got it? But look, don't cry, Big Girls don't do that I didn't mean to hurt you but you talking too much Gagged on my dick now you tossing your lunch? Damn, they don't like 'em like me anymore.
ArtHo 03:38
(Escobar) Mona Lisa She moan when I lease her Monet That bitch betta' have my money (money) Walk the streets, modele, streamline, your face is mine Smile, pop that pussy, make these hipsters pay my rent You a "bad bitch"? Let me paint you, like a french girl, then erase you All your rights, forfeit them all, if you talk back, you'll get nothing at all But a hard hand, on a soft ass, won't pay ya' rent or tuition for that class This a sex game. You having fun, bitch? This a Artshow. Your name's ArtHo. (Chorus) (Escobar) ArtHo. You a ArtHo. (Alfred) ArtHo. I'm a ArtHo. (Alfred) Picasso. Daddy, rearrange me like your name is Pablo Frida. I'm here to free the D, I'm here to please ya" I pop my pussy so I got the power, make mad coin inside an hour Teach all the kids up at ASU how we do, They student loans ain't even due Class at three but he wants to ride me I gave him your number, ooo, Daddy please? He's nineteen, horny, with a dick like canvas I'll paint it with my tongue while he call me Candace And while we was he fucking, he called me Caitlyn I think that's his fantasy, dicks in panties But it's art though. It's whatever though. He paid admission, cum shot, to the Art Show (Escobar) Now show me what that mouth do Now show me what that ass do too Pop it in my studio You a ArtHo. You my motherfucking ArtHo, on display. (Alfred) Let me show you what this pussy do. Let me make these coins for you. I wanna get good at this game. I'm a ArtHo. You ain't never gotta use my name. (Escobar / Alfred) ArtHo.
DL 02:26
He not telling the truth. He all about the lies. He pulled the whip over, and then you got inside He didn't say much, just pulled his cock out You didn't think about it just went ahead and put it in your mouth Flash, boom, he came too soon And now you looking dumb 'cause you performed the strange He on the highway, never knew his name It's the basis of the lie, that's how you play the game You can call it Risk, bitch, I call it Life Undercover faggots going home to they wife Masculine, they only act feminine when they pull down the shorts and reveal their hymen Panties, lace, cock ring at the base He fuck real good but you can't go to his place He suck real good, so cum all on his face Now he best eat this pussy, no hands, no plate He best eat this pussy like a birthday cake He best eat this pussy 'cause that dick short, lame Take off your wedding ring if you wanna get a room Respect the Craft, fuck my cervix and womb I'm his little secret That's how he would keep it Keep me on the down low His girlfriend will never know I'm his little secret And that's how we should keep it He ain't never coming out His family is what he's 'bout
The Stick Up 03:36
Bitch! Get down! Face on the ground! Everyone react to this magnum's sound! Shoulda' stayed in today, I'm not playin' First bitch to say a word is dead, I'm slayin' I need what's in the drawer and what's in the vault Gimme all the change, close ya' got damn throat You wanna be dead? It'll be ya' own fault Come for this queen? Choke it down or lick shots Shots at the floor. You betta' dance Amuse your assailant. This ya' last chance I am a thief; Gimme jewels and cash Say what mutha' fucka'? That'll be ya' ass Say what? Stick 'em Up I will destroy you. Pussy black widow Don't be a hero. They won't save you. See... I'mma get this green, this real dough I'm lookin' for investments also I like to live good... excessive. I'm an uncommon thug. Expensive. So here we are. Gun to ya' temple Gold barrel, and still it fires simple Leave behind self control, I'mma get this money Mutha' fucka', you bet not do nothin' funny That's right, fill the bag, fill it to the top Don't stop till the bag get's fat... drop! It's one and a half, time to speed this shit up Why ya' cryin', baby? Shut the fuck up! Don't look at my face. Yes, I know I'm beat All you see is Louboutin heels on my feet Run out the front door... thanks for your time! Here's my stunt driver. Pedal down, bitch, drive! I got a habit for fashion, thanks for cooperating. This has been a stick up... who next is donatin'? (Chorus) Cash. Diamonds. Stocks. Bonds. Shoes. Clothes. Drinks. Rides. Steal... at Gunpoint. Get out. Fast! Run. Hide. Tonight? We dance. (2x) (Chorus)
Welcome, O, Scions of Mellodyne Auto-tuning pitch to the rhymes. White Elite if not blind Staying dumb, deaf, but damn, you hip Keeping up on the newest shit. Buzzfeed news clips Bang, bang, divert the blame You play as hipster, exalt the brain Your coffee was vegan, so is your sex life No beef, you need it soy based Centered and based but you no god On the Kinsey you might fall Somewhere between two and four Never less or anymore But this is not a read Because my skin is black, I'm illiterate Degenerate, punk lyrcist Homosexual idiot Esoteric abstract What ya'll know about that? Lyrical, bountiful sacrifice Of the time I got left You making noise, please shut up Please turn your phone the fuck off Stare at me in my mouth I'm crying tears in your house Now, Why won't you come out? You judging me while staring at my ass Undressing me with your eyes While your tongue is spinning lies A sissy in the midst of it Three gallons of Fleischman's now these fuccboi's wanna mosh and shit, drag me in it I might just act ignorant Cause I was raised in the suburbs I was taught to get my black on This shield grant me superpowers If I want I could get louder You hate, I float, get higher You can waltz here if you wanna Set your phasers to stun-her This line ain't really about shit You can't see me, you weakling You wanna date me but we can't Even though you know you can Because I like you, you cute You funny and kinda rude You do not follow the rules Lackadasical attitude Unemployed but you stay high? Roll a joint for this Queen Let's go and flex on the scene With no money and no dreams With no want to be obscene Drift into the background You do not want to be seen Is your house invisible? Where do you sleep, where did you go? Is your house invisible? Where do you sleep, where did you go?
Metatron 03:52
Yeah, my booty bounce like this You can hump up on it My flow is ironic, call it unexpected Don't come for me like you ain't learned your lesson I'm a bad bitch, might end up your lover You want to party but, bitch, you still sober I got the drinks, tonight call me mother Peer pressure, pass that spliff over Six AM and the DJ sloppy Playing Top 40 while we tryin' to get crazy Turn the kicks up, get my fucking dick up Full mast on the floor, Alfred's a pirate Oh, you want this pussy? Then you better grab it Heels in the air, shut up while I pilot If you want more take it back to the Hyatt And when I'm all done then support this high life Cop the album. Download that shit. Give me all the loot, bitch, all of it You can hate if you want to, slay the Queen I Did It Myself, it's my fucking dream You fucking me, twice, I demand and decree When it gets nasty then we'll shower and get clean Whip out the rug so you can hide the body 'Cause I'm gone bitch, murder, back to the party Let's pray on this metaTron (let's get stoned) Let's pray on this metaTron (won't go home) Let's break it down. Let's fuck around. Drop to the ground. Let's fuck around. Let's pray on this MetaTron, Let's pray on this MetaTron
Change my elements / Alter my chemistry / Breath life through my body / Build me, build me / Touch me, mold me / Make me just like you / Love me, hold me / Tell me what to do /// Human Alchemy / Human Alchemy / Human Alchemy / Make Me (Change me, Build Me) /// Philospher's Stone, losing power / Fill me up at this twilight hour / In return, I'll satisfy your desires / I'm the method that'll take you higher / Change flesh to stone / Turn bricks to gold / But I'll remain yours alone / Just make me whole///
This is me now. This will be me, then. This is my ground, my Earth, my soil. My foundation. This is all I hoped for. You see, all I ever wanted Was to find my solace. Was to find my place... in the world I walk with confidence. A new stride in my step. A pride I've never felt. A movement I'm unfamiliar with. Take me, humble me, drag me down with this gravity. O chastity. O, illusive wide open. Here I place my flag. Here, I sing my truths I've seen the end of my legacy, and I still hurt from the abuse Here, I finally admit that my choices may not have been keen But the weight at the top of my body, my crown, was my price for becoming queen This house. That I built with my own hands. Stands proud and strong and able. This house. Containing all I am, all my life. The joy on your faces confirms that what I've done was right My house. This house I'll leave behind when I'm gone O, you are love. O, you never let me drown My house. Disillusions and self-love I dance within your walls. Just me without air. Without boundaries. You're free! The War is Over! The day is ours! Lift your voices and cry out the praise! Long Live The Queen! Long Live the Queen! May her reign last forever!


Original Release Date: May 24th, 2014
Re-Release Date: December 12th, 2015
Format: Single Disc LP
Available Formats: Digital


released July 8, 2014

© House of Creation, 2014.
Produced, Arranged, Composed, Performed and Engineered by S. Poole except where noted.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Doyénne Phoenix

The Doyénne (born Syeed DiJon Poole) is a prolific openly gay Black American music producer, songwriter, singer, lyricist, performance and recording artist whose work spans from alternative hip hop, R&B and Electronic Dance Music. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the artist is looking to develop his brand as well as his talent for future recordings, performances, appearances and collaborations. ... more

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