by The Doyénne

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SEX | PARTY 03:36
It's a masquerade This whole hotel floor is reserved today They takin' shots of Rose' I stumbled in high, got a smell on my body Invitation in my clit All the boys get down wanna suckle it They pay no respect, this is Alfred, bih I was the Pirate Queen two hours ago You girl checking for my paint wanna steal my tricks wanna steal my wig Wanna steal my flow I'm just here for the D, Doyenne want the D I wanna find the best one Put it deep in me And head off to sleep, but right now I want more A E S T H E T I C S are right, drop, drop to the floor Drop, drop to the floor, drop, drop at the door You can't even take how my pussy go It roars like a tiger, getting gully on the stage S-E-X Banji Elite, the droid that they seek It is she, and she is me, even if she is really a he And he is divine, he is everything He is what, what these queens wanna be, Wanna be F R E E , free... Dirty, It's wicked, they say that it's sinful Let's make a baby in the midst of this party I was invited so I'll turn this out now Let's conceive life in this midst of this party They hate us, our freedom, our faces, our bodies Let's leave it all in the funk of this party You like me, I like you, Let's grind within this pit Let's leave (live) it all and start our own party I am beyond gender More than woman or man I love the center Of the room, that's where i dance Take another Puff Of this weed, this kush, this chronic And in the smoke, trails My mouth is filled with Dominic Or was his name Tim? Randy? I can't remember Anonymouse hookups that start on Tinder That's how we united, that's where I got invited We acting a fool and the hotel trying to break it up, break, break it up Somebody fuck him 'fore he call the cops Throw, throw him some dick, fill up his mouth This hotel manager needs to cool it now Don't care if you top, take off your drawers Don't care if you bottom, open your jaw Don't care if you down low, ya' girls at home And I'll be the one with my hand on balls Slap 'em on request, while ya' hands on the wall Cum in your hand, rub, rub it on my ass Shine it up, nicely, shine it up real good I move on to the next dude
It's about twenty of y'all Ain't nothin' but sneakers on The big boss got his hand on my jaw Shove it all in, he no spare the rod But it's cool, 'cause I like his bod Ricky real hard, man, I swear to god I never thought that I'd be on my knees Living out my pornographic fantasies Ooo, work the middle, work it right it in my mouth Fix my attitude, I got a rude disposition Ask me if I like it like that The inquisition, start rubbing on my back Telling me to get a looser position Spread a little more, you best mind and listen Put away my pride 'cause I want the dick in He still lickin', smackin' it around Twerkin' in the middle, I'm twerking in a crowd There's poppers going round, and the smell of loud Pass me the blunt, blow smoke on this dick Now I'm feeling it, next one's on my lip He's a little shorter but it's thick, I like it Hand in my hair and I'm starting to fight it Fucking my throat like I wasn't invited This ain't kindness, he screams "No Biting" Two in my hand, I'm doing this for freedom Oppression sucks, and so do I I'm not a bottom but tonight I might I'm on display, so I might as well Moaning everywhere, m-moaning everywhere Everybody's strokin', so moaning everywhere Moaning everywhere, I can feel it in the air The first splash was let go in my hair Smack it on face, yeah, put it on me While I take a load from your little homie Smack it on my ass, yeah, cum all on me Right on my back, yeah I like it that Keep it nasty, keep it cute but filthy Call me a slut, abuse me verbally Keep it nasty, bring the heaux out in me ArtHo Cum Slut, I've acted rashly Fuck my pride, yeah, break me down Cover my face while I kneel on the ground Break me down, snatch off my crown Y'all about to cum, I know that sound I know that sound, it's time to cum now Stroke It! Cum all on me It's time to let go and cum with us Stroke it! Cum all on me
Move me Work me Vibrate Inside me Hurt me Bend me Make me Feel Alive Break me Train me Like me or at least pretend Bite me Kiss me Vibrate me Vibrate me Vibrate me Please vibrate me


Original Release Date: May 5th, 2016
Re-release Date: July 5th, 2019
Format: Extended Play (EP)
Available Formats: Digital Only Promotional Release


released July 5, 2019

© House of Creation, 2016 - 2019.
Produced, Arranged, Composed, Performed and Engineered by The Doyénne.


all rights reserved



The Doyénne Phoenix

The Doyénne (born Syeed DiJon Poole) is a prolific openly gay Black American music producer, songwriter, singer, lyricist, performance and recording artist whose work spans from alternative hip hop, R&B and Electronic Dance Music. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the artist is looking to develop his brand as well as his talent for future recordings, performances, appearances and collaborations. ... more

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