by The Doyénne

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Original Release Date: January 15th, 2015
Format: Single Disc LP
Available Formats: Digital


released January 15, 2015

© House of Creation, 2014.
Produced, Composed, Arranged, Performed and Engineered by S. Poole except where noted.

All tracks recorded and mastered at The Tea Shoppe Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Doyénne Phoenix

The Doyénne (born Syeed DiJon Poole) is a prolific openly gay Black American music producer, songwriter, singer, lyricist, performance and recording artist whose work spans from alternative hip hop, R&B and Electronic Dance Music. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the artist is looking to develop his brand as well as his talent for future recordings, performances, appearances and collaborations. ... more

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Woke up. Took a puff, on the way to work
On my hustle, on my grind, bitch, that's what I do
It's not about me, it's about you
It's about all the fucked up things you do
Girl, you gotta get your hustle on
Fuck these sorry motherfuckerse with the flip flops on
They best not to be twerking to your song, no Giselle
This flow is for the Glamazons, part gazelle
And I want to see you acting proud
Cause I'm coming up behind you with scabbard, strong
Leave that weak shit alone, you a party girl, homes
That chandelier was like a second house and this is not a home
Drinking merlot out the caske,
Getting drunk so act a ass
You tried to throw him out but you couldn't throw him out
'cause you'd knew you'd be alone like that
And now everybody think you crazy 'cause you kinda are
You throwing crossbones up trying to pack and get far
Stay at home at night 'cause you fucked up your car
I mean, when was the last time you saw a bar
And when was the last time you put on these heels?
And when was the last time you put on this wig?
And took a sip from the holy grail of life,
And got drunk and stayed out the whole night.
I'm a cold bitch. And you are too.
Because you're me, and bitch, I'm you.
So let's turn up some bodies, and slay on the streets
Bitch, we living in Pirate City. Cutthroat.
We living in Pirate City.
Track Name: WITHDRAW
every line is a stretch of the imagination
every scar is a souvenir of isolation
lock the door, lower blinds, I run from everybody
Find a safe place to self destruct my own body
I got twenty minutes. but I lost fifteen
I lost my ground, status. I did not work the scene.
I did not live my dream. So, tactical retreat.
drag on this blunt again and pray that I can ride the beat

Can he deliver? Can he serve? Will that bitch crack?
I see you at the show. Leaning all up in the back.
Arms folded, looking mean, why won't you dance?
'Cause I won't play that song? The one about my ass?
So I go home real quick, gotta catch the train
Sorry to all my friends. I gotta be lame.
There's a couch set aside, engraved with my name
Where I can retreat, withdraw, and play on the game

Get out my head, yeah, that's the ticket, yeah
I'm a son fallen, welp, I guess they called it
One scar, ten scars, damn, am I retarded?
What kinda black man cuts himself in this age?
And who the fuck am I to say that I'm a bad bitch?
Just draw another line with the razor, nick
that's what I named this one, because he hurt me too
I forgot that I cannot admit that shit to you

I do not trust you. I do not like you.
You never trusted me. What we gon' do?
You wanna stay and help or disrupt my ebb and flow
You wanna hold me tight or stay away 'cause I'm a ho?
Damn, I ask a lot of questions in my rhymes, right?
That's all I do when I get home after working nights
Damn, I never talk about love in my stanzas, though
But hand me that scabbard, I'll run it cross my throat
I am my own worst enemy.
This sentiment I’ve explored once before and no conclusion ever gestates.
The cycle of self abuse continues and I eat, eat, and eat
Hoping that I’ll fade and waste away under the thump of the beat

In my mind, a sea of bodies waves in the wind
They’re lovers, liars, like me and yet I’m on the outside looking in
Music scales inhabit my lips but I can’t read the sounds
I’m a fool, shooting stars only to watch them come back down

Change. Change form. Lady Gestalt, the words form.
Change. Change form. Lady Gestalt is where my head always returns.

My body’s falling apart
My arms are frail, my back aches under the weight in my heart
I don’t sleep, only wait
until I accept that it’s far too late
to change, to change form, change shape.

Change. Change form. Lady Gestalt, I don’t understand the words.
Change. Change me. I form the words “Gestalt”, this is my shape and form.
Track Name: ENEMY
You broke me. ...tore me apart.
Abandoned me. And consumed my heart.
I can't feel. Everything is numb.
You might have did me wrong. But I still want you around.

You lied on me. ...Told so many lies
To all your friends. Left me to die.
But it's cool, you can see the want in my eyes.
You might have struck me down. But I still want you around.

I crave for you.
Enemy. My enemy.
I long for you.
Enemy. My enemy.

Anxiety and fear
Anger turned to fury
Hopelessness, loss, despair
I feel it all when you're not around.
Track Name: ICE
My tongue, your skin
Time slows, I pull you in
Closer we melt together
Heat dies, we're frozen forever
Or, at least, that's how it seems
Our SEX is the basis of dreams
Your lips are so nice
We solidify, we're ice

Grind slower, I'm watching you
Bend and break unspoken rules
Our hearts race, our breath is short
I can't help but to crave more
My heart beats so rhythmically
Every time that you melt on me
The way you grind is so nice
We harden. We're ice.

Let's get colder.

My body's rigid against you
I solidify.
Your molecules are motionless
You solidify
We're cool, let's get even cooler
and solidify
I'm getting hard at the thought
Oh, solidify

Let's get colder (Ice, Ice, Ice)
Connect our minds, become surreal
I'm enthralled with how you make me feel
Kinetic beings. We live in light.
I got no plans. Let me spend the night

In astral space our bodies are involved
Sing to me an Electric Ballad
Sing it loud, into my frame
Blow my mind. Give me brain

Let our minds touch, touch

Our fuck fills up the moment
We're 7, 8, 9, Electric
My body's taught, I synthesize
This engagement, entangles, hypothesize.

What would you do with one moment in time?
Use up my mana and supersize (Supersize, supersize)
You're a Dark Matter Bitch, I recognize
Only feel complete when your thoughts inside.

Let our minds touch, touch
Track Name: HI-POTION
I'm your only friend at the end of the day
And I know everything. Here, I'll tell you what to say
Open your mouth. Accept my restoration
Open your mouth, get high, drink down this potion

I want to be inside of you
I want to lead your steps and tell you what to do
Let me shut down your mind. You don't need that pain
Close your eyes and grind on him, again and again

One sip and you'll be feeling fine
One sip and you'll be out of your mind
One sip, shh, we've got plenty of time
One sip, You love it, now cross the line

You're halfway to heaven, dear
Your body's outside the atomosphere
I'm the reason for your joy
I'm the secret to your joy. Pass me around.

He diminished you. I'll replenish you.
Return you, revive you, make you likable
Every hit point restored, maxed out
A rush unlike any bore from his wet mouth
You don't really wanna know where you are now
You just wanna dance with the dead, turn it out
I christen you Party Girl, twerk it real slow
Grind on him, that's right, another shot, go...

I will bring you back to life. I will bring you back to life. I will bring you back to life.
There is no pain.
It's all in your head
Track Name: SELLOUT
Who I Am is the currency
In this glamorized world
How much can I spend
to matter to you? oh whoa

This thing called love
Without it I'm free
So why do I want it so bad
When it ain't been good to me? Oh whoa

If I had one note left
would I save it for a rainy day
Or would I sell it for a muse
Would I sell it and all my truths? Oh whoa

Oh whoa! There goes my identity
Oh whoa! There goes my privacy
Oh whoa! There goes my modesty
Oh whoa! Temperance and Success are not Synomous

Selling out, selling out
This whole time I've been The Sellout
Watch these lies fall out of my mouth
Selling out, Sell my soul
This whole time I fought for this goal
To become the Sellout. I accept that I'm The Sellout.

Oh whoa! There goes my innocence
Oh whoa! There goes my happiness
Oh whoa! There goes my sense of self
Oh whoa! There goes another song that no one asked to hear

Oh whoa! "No one likes you when you're crying",
Oh whoa! You're more interesting when you're strung out, drunk, or dying
Oh whoa! Stop being dramatic, you got what you wanted, darling
Oh whoa! You wanted this so take it, take what we gave you
So many faces, devoid of feeling
Encompass the layers of my soul
And so many times did I make those makes faces smile
To reach and obtain a particular goal
I've grown accustomed to confinement
because it's all I've ever known
Trust others? That was never an option
Because honesty I was never shown

I say that as a man whose lived
And not a victim or a child
Everyone's so concerned with your marketability
That they don't give care about your style
Well now I sit before the Asgard symphony
Peeling away layers and walls that I built in my heart
These Personas, these lies must be torn down
If I choose to be apart of the world

These are the shades of my Persona
I wanna be free but they won't let me (x2)
This is my Persona
This is also my Persona (x2)

A lifetime of opportunities ultimately wasted
And it's no one's fault but mine
The voices in my head won't go away
From the subconscious shelter of my mind
I'm too cautious, I care what others think.
I'm not enough of this and too much of that
Insecurities keep me warm at night so
What is this chill running down my back

Track Name: breathe
I'm sitting here alone in my underwear
Drunk off Boone's Farm and I don't even care
It's not like I need to be anywhere
It's not like anyone wants me to be anywhere
The sun came up and I still haven't gone to bed
Grindr, Craigslist, hoping to score some head
My bills are paid but time is running out
I've gotta find a job before they put me out

And now, I'm stuck, I ran out of lube
EBT is Every Black Transaction
And here I am, smiling in the face of doom,
hoping to find a way to pay for this room
Maybe I could stand to lose some weight
In this period when all I can do is wait
For someone to call me back
And give me a reason to leave the house

And will a day come when I feel like getting up?
waking up at five AM to catch the train
And when they talk to me, engage me in chat
Maybe this time I will return the exchange
And when I meet the manager, who will likely be white
And when I bleach my words to blind him to this Black skin
And when I sit at home wondering why they didn't call me back
Maybe this time I'll know it's because of what's within

A boiling, rising lack of whims and motivation
The soliloquy threatens to devour my future
But that's okay, because there's a song upon my lips
There's still a song moving my hips, I'm still funny, I'm still a trip
Somebody likes me. Oh, I might not be White Elite
But I am equipped to deal with the pain, I am equipped to deal
with the pain
Of having nothing and no one and nowhere
And no cares, and no air, and no air

I can't BREATHE.

I'm sitting here alone in my underwear. But I'll be alright. I've done this before.
I'm special. I swear it. One day, I'll show you.

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