Body of Work

by The Doyénne

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Black Queen 03:25
I am the Faggot and I go retard Give me a beat and I'll work it hard Give me a dollar, and I'll work this pole Give me some more? We might play alone I am the Faggot that they came to see I'm the lady-boy who starts the party Two bottles down, and now I'm feelin' cunty I need a man to take me home. I like my sex bareback and raunchy Don't give me no more, this Patron is naughty Fuck these hoes, yeah, they talkin' 'bout me Cause I put it on ya' man, now he can't get off me Yeah, we dancin' hard right in front of your face You tried to read me, now I'm throwing you shade Do you know where you are? Bitch, you gotta ride? Africa, Africa. Black Queen, Strobe Lights. Black Queen. Strobe Lights. Black Queen. Black Queen. Catwalk. Black Queen. I came to dance. I came to drink. I came to smoke. Don't need to think Don't give a fuck. Fill up my cup. We on the edge Of nowhere I am the Queen, you know, the kind you like I know you like me cause you grindin' on my booty Why you do me like that? Why you do like that? I am the Queen, sho' ain't the Virgin Mary It's 2012, wait, if you gay, you can't marry? Why, Republicans? Why you hatin' like that? We on the South Side. We here to party. I am the leader. I brought Bacardi. I can be trite, entertainment, party. I can be artsty, but tonight, I'm dumbin'. We comin' from the North cause we the fuckin' party I am the leader, bitch, bring some forties I bring the cunt, and ya'll put your hands up Four o' clock. Four o' clock. Black Queen. Night Life. Black Queen. Night Life. Black Queen. Black Queen. Lasers. Black Queen.
Party Girl 04:25
Celebrity. I'm a... wild bitch. Heels up. Boys come. Talk stuff. Gas them. Dance on. I'm the girl with the drink by the floor waiting for my song to play All the boys wanna dance, they don't ask, because they worry about what I'll say Say ma'am. Say please. No need to descend to ya' knees. I'm a good girl. Transvestite. How to? Guidelines. Guidelines? Sidelines. All these lil' cunt tricks giving side eye You wanna be me but you won't admit it. My pussy is a drug and you hoes can't quit it I am your party girl. I am your party girl. Put your hands in the air if you're feeling alright Put your hands to the sky if you're feeling fine I am your party girl. I am your party girl. Pat your press a few times for the girls who wait Shake your ass a few times for the girls with change Girls wanna talk but they won't go over Boys wanna talk but they won't come over Girls wanna fuck but they won't go over Boys think they wanna fuck but they won't come over I am the queen. Grand duchess Doyenne on the scene. I say this 'cause I see 'em cower, you'se a weak bitch, it ain't even after hours Fuck last call. We car-bar. Sip drinks 'till six in the mourn'. You mad 'cause we still drunk. We having a good time and you're coming down. Where are the men in this town? There's nothing but fembots all around If you wanna have fun, holler, no dollars, just dance on the thump-thump Kick drum and a clap, that's all it take It's Saturday, no shade, no debate Hand me the baton, I'm the Party Girl Lead the troops, let's take this downtown. Downtown. I party downtown. Like a rich white woman. I party downtown.
Telekinetic 03:35
Here are some words. Over a beat. Here are the ruby red heels on my feet. Here is the band. The one in my head. Here is the shit I could be doing instead Here is a song. About You and I. Here is the fact that we've never been this high. Here is the fade out. Girl, I'm just playing Here's all the words that I don't hear you saying I'm telekinetic when I smoke this Telekinetic, telekinetic Those are feelings that I could do without. Here's the dryness creeping into my mouth I think I love him. But he don't love me Here is the heart that he stole, he's a thief This sweater is cashmere. My real name's Amir. It's not, I'm playing but I'm off topic, umm... here Here are the times we'll forget ever happened Here is the gun I used to teach them a lesson (What?) Put ya' hands up and shit.
Android 04:48
Haut Coutoure. My decor. Digital crime. Mechanical. The dance floor. Belongs to the Queen. But I see you wanna party too. I'm the blunt, boy, you smoking me There's bass in the speakers, You gagged on my sneakers Or maybe my system. Or maybe how I party. Download my data, Look me up. Google me. I'm infamous. A movement. I know you wanna see me work (work) my body I'm an Android, Android, Beautiful Biodroid You betta' work me out, you betta' work me out I'm at the front of the line. Because I lead the crowd. I'll pay the bouncer in lies. Thank me, now we're all inside The floor spreads out to a circle. I stand in the middle, I'm in trouble. Rescue me. I'm a dancing queen. Party Girl, in the midst of the scene. Around six, it's boring, We stumble out, it's morning My aviators are on. I don't like the sun I'm primed up, on alcohol. Party fuel, last call was at two. Did you have a good time? Did you party up? I got my life, can I go home witchu'? (Chorus)
Smoldering, withering, Draw me out, I desire a taste of you Sickness, complex turns to obsession, I learned my lesson but I still want a taste of you Dance closer, grind in time with the gabber drum. When we're dancing the light directs, you the chosen one. Hips move elastic, I smile, your fuck's now on my brain Cum mix, we copulate on a higher plain Fire, fire, fire, Fire, Fire I don't need no water let my throat burn, burn Sex, sex, sex, fire fire, burn bitch You're got my full attention, please make the most of it My style is soft and cunt. You wanna steal my funk. Willingly, I gave it up, you dance meticilous. You move like you da' best. I expected nothing less. You feel that bump bump. Drop it low, follow the kick and I wanna be your lover, even for a moment The heat of your body's baking me, I'm a muffin rising Glitter pink mentality, all black at a white party Come over here, dance on me, hands up, we're cumming Ejaculate on dance floors, DJ spins a little more It's five in the morning, I'm still dancing and I want more A Queen atop Nintendos, Touch me bitch, I'm glamour Yeah, I wanna fuck but don't pull my track, I'm not a whore Bitch is a term of endearment, wear it like a medal Fag is a cigarette or bunch of sticks, so light it up light it up, light it up, c'est la chaleur You did not do your homework, you must brush up on your French Did you do your homework? Brush up on your lingo!
Naked 03:23
Unshielded vulernability I'll get you off if that's what you please Touch my bare body Nudity, if you just please Strip me down and get me naked. Strip me down (Hey!) I want your hands all over my thighs, thighs, thighs I'll dance for you, if you'd like me to try, try, try The way I ballet is amazing, I'll dance for you This is a private show and it's only for you, you, you I find the fashion restricting. Too flashy, no one's listening My skin's insatiable, I'm poised to make you feel incredible Don't fret, I am the scene, I am the dance floor, I am the Queen Things won't change, we'll just get closer, nothing between us but air and lotion Strip me down and get me naked.
Razor Blades 02:59
All the boys wanna be the Doyenne. I'm the baddest bitch that there's ever been. You think you're sexy? I think I'm about to read you. Take off your shirt. Let me evaluate you. Break. Ooo bitch, I'm razor blades. Your mind is leaking. Your mind is bleeding. You didn't know that this bitch is what you're needing. You want this rhythm? You want this style? You seem to forgot I'm the mother, you're the child. So take your medicine. Pediatrics. What you're lacking is three minutes of this next shit. I am the Doyenne. That means I been here. I've done this shit for years. Why were you listening? You're throwing shade. Please stop hating this. You're throwing shade. You wanna be this bitch? You can't be this bitch. Ooo bitch, I'm razor blades. This beat will cut you. I'll snatch out all ya' weave. Fuck yo' ponytail (you're throwing shade, I'll rip it out) See me in the parking lot. Razor Blades!
Inches 03:23
Yes, I'm late, CP, Chronic Puff Puff I shouldn't came, all these boys look a joke, joke It's ten o' clock, why haven't we started? I need the beat to get retarded... I am not a hero. I'm just a white girl looking to wobble low I wanna shake right here, swing my bootie hole Find the flyest mutha' fucka' with the cornrows Leg up, slide it vertical, rawr, rawr Paprazzi, take a picture, I'm Gaga Make the other girls gag because I told ya'... Don't care 'bout ya' riches You better pay me in inches Don't care bout ya' bitches You gon' pay me in inches Don't know if Mentioned? That you can pay me in inches Here's your new mission Deliver me eight inches 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7- 8 You can't buy me drinks? You can't buy me gas? You can't dance for shit? Okay, I'm over it... ...I'm not shallow, I just want you to hit bottom Bottom, I'll be, for the right dick, thick, cut I came to partay and that might mean a forty Damn, you can't even buy me a Mickeys? Fuck it, fuck me, lay pipe homie I wanna dance with eight inches of pepperoni I'll make my ass drop... if whatcha' talkin' 'bout... is congruent with my plans to ride it nonstop I'll go to your place, skip the tour, bedroom? I wanna get mine, you more than free to get yours Let's begin. You need to take ya' clothes off. Lights out, I'm behind you, holding on, see... I am a thief, stick 'em up, yeah, the dick too Don't turn this rape into a murder, just kidding, boo
Cunt Stunt 03:39
I am on a mission for all of your attention Give me a minute and this dance floor will be glistening Known to steal shine or your drink when you ain't lookin' Bust a sick vogue step to keep these bitches lookin' Let me introduce myself, I need no introduction I'm the girl you dreamed of, the one with something extra Take a number, get in line, the show is just beginning I'll dance with all the boys who came to mess around, win This floor is a runway, welcome to my fashion show I'm the super model bitch, all of them are extra hoes Pay ya' compensation, this is my position Surrender your attention, I'm changing your dimension Why would I want eyes on me? Because it's makes me cunty Haters energize me like a Monster drink, pay me Endorse me, encourage me, thanks bitch for nothing Cunt stunt, fall out, time to work for something Time to work for something, Believe in it or fade away I am your Doyenne, for a fuckin' reason (hey!) This is now my stage (hey!), let the haters chat it up Dance freely, live this, Fuck your validation They told me that I couldn't get down So I burned that motherfucker down So I burned him down So I burn
Seamless in the sea of same Shadow in the darkness, black throughout Devoid of superfluous charm Outrageous still, simply without one's crown Disguised as a pauper even though you're divine The skies cry, you have not been home in some time A God inside, wrapped in mortal robes Diminished, peasant like, a Queen in Plain Sight We were looking for you, my liege We were searching for your majesty We were looking for you, my liege We were searching for your majesty The times are dark The children cry We're so lost Did you die? Should we wait for your reincarnation? When will she rise? When will she cross the spirit bridge Into our deprived lives? We were looking for you, my liege We were searching for your majesty Where were you when we needed you We needed a monarch to lead the war We needed a God Sent, we needed a celebrity We needed something to worship, O lord, We needed your majesty We needed you, my liege, but you were hiding in plain sight We needed you, m'lord, and you were right before our eyes, Our Queen in Plain Sight, you hid away from us, We saw but we didn't see, so we cried Woo, woo, woo, Where could you be (Take Your Crown, Woo)?


Original Release Date: December 12th, 2012.
Re-release Date: December 12th, 2015
Format: Single Disc LP
Available Formats: Digital Only


released December 12, 2012

© The House of Augustine, 2012 / House of Creation, 2013-2014.
Produced, Composed, Arranged, Performed and Engineered by S. Poole except where noted.

All tracks recorded and mastered at Seraphic Gate Studios and The Tea Shoppe Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

Photography and Art Direction by Daniel Funkhouser. Used with permission.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Doyénne Phoenix

The Doyénne (born Syeed DiJon Poole) is a prolific openly gay Black American music producer, songwriter, singer, lyricist, performance and recording artist whose work spans from alternative hip hop, R&B and Electronic Dance Music. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the artist is looking to develop his brand as well as his talent for future recordings, performances, appearances and collaborations. ... more

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